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Our kiwi of the Hayward variety has one special feature: It is a top product hand-picked with love. This means that we only use kiwis which are large, handy, juicy and - cut in two halves - easy to spoon out.

With our owner-managed production site ASICA ITALIA in the province of Latina in Italy and our contractual partner SEEKA in Australia, we ensure a reliable supply of high-quality fruit 12 months a year. During the summer season, however, our requirements are also supplemented with fruit from New Zealand.

To ensure 365 days per year of Kiwi supply complimenting our Australian and NZ seasons, our Italian Production operation it is not only aiming to increase production of Hayward kiwis, but it is also focusing on the cultivation of new, high-performance varieties with high sweetness and early harvest time.

Our owner-managed plantation at ASICA ITALIA has an excellent infrastructure. This means that each kiwi can be professionally stored immediately after harvesting, calibrated and shipped to customers either unripe or triggered as per customer specifications.

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