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Our Australian Haywards - strategic partnership with Seeka

The Australian kiwifruit has a relatively short but very successful history: ripened under the vibrant Australian sun, unbelievably juicy and sweet, it offers an unsurpassed rich tasting experience!

Based on the trading relationship with Bunbartha or more precisely Seeka Australia Pty Ltd, and developed over a number of years, Bratzler & Co is the exclusive importer for the European region. We can therefore offer our customers a direct channel from primary producer to the food retail market – without intermediates. On top of this, we apply our unique logistics know-how, to follow the fruit from storage to optimal maturation. To be ripe and of the highest quality – at exactly the right time your end customers pick them from your shelf!


It is not only the climate and growth conditions of Australia’s robust kiwifruit crop that makes it so attractive. Our Australian production partner is also truly independent, which gives us additional flexibility in the European summer season, with our customers free to market the produce, use their own labels and develop their own packaging systems. A perfectly integrated supply process to accompany these kiwifruit from the farm gate to your retail subsidiaries.


Deliveries from our Australian partner are typically expected, in large quantities, from mid May till well into September. During the 2018 season, kiwifruit will be shipped in caliber 27 (115-125g), 30 (105-115g) and 36 (85-95g). We are of course available to answer all your queries during the Australian kiwifruit season and also thereafter to discuss your supply needs from our other partners in different countries.


Seeka is one of the top names in fruit production in Australia. Their produce is grown in the Goulburn Valley in the state of Victoria, also known as Australia’s ‘Fruit Bowl’. There, 170 hectares of kiwifruit are grown on a 500-hectare farm. The conditions are ideal – plenty of sun, warm temperatures and excellent soil for juicy kiwifruit!

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