Our site in Karlsruhe and our service provider FRUITSOLUTE at the port of Rotterdam offer professional services and dedicated advice for all aspects of our selected fruit range across the entire supply chain.

Bratzler & Co. is not only synonymous with cost leadership. We also want to set the benchmark in the market when it comes to innovation, which is to the advantage of our fruit and adds value for our customers. In the matter of coating, for instance, i.e. the plant-based coating of our avocado fruit, we work with the first process-integrated coating plant in Europe. In addition, we offer our customers a large number of innovative and sustainable solutions in the hot topic of packaging and packaging technology.

Storing. ripening. sorting.

With regards to our core assortment, all our customers agree: From storage to subsequent ripening and sorting, no one can beat us. Here, we have been doing pioneering work for decades in the analysis and protection of our goods and, in particular, in the optimal preparation for making them consumption-ready. An in-depth understanding of our products is just as much a key to this as the targeted use of high-tech components in our plants.

Coordinated logistics

and quality control

Whether it's a first quality check upon arrival at the overseas port or coordinated inbound and outbound logistics at our warehouses, we handle our fruit with absolute professionalism, from sustainable handling to food safety and documented quality checks at all stages.

Following processing in our warehouses, our sophisticated Europe-wide network for fresh produce logistics and selected, long-standing delivery partners ensure that our fruit is delivered to you in perfect condition. Reliable and always on time.

Our Network of Fresh Produce

Accessible countries with established logistics concept

  • Belgium
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Northern France
  • Northern Germany
  • Southern Germany
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Scandinavia
  • Switzerland
  • Hungary

Marketing. packaging. specialities.

We are just as experienced in dealing with our clients' brands and their style guides as we are in the development of new marketing concepts and brands in close collaboration. This also applies to the packaging requirements you have, which we adapt to flexibly and which we also develop individually tailored concepts for - cost-efficient, innovative and sustainable.

Highlights of the assortment
And what if you wish to order something very specific? Then our core assortment is just right for you: In addition to providing optimal qualities all year round, we also bring variety to your fruit customers on request - with special varieties, new flavours, sizes and colours, you are sure to have a rainbow-like display.

Domestic produce and import

Very close to your order

In addition to our own extensive production capacities in various growing countries, we also have access to a reliable, loyal and long-standing network of producers. This combination of domestic produce and imports enables us to provide our customers with the required volumes at the best possible price, even during seasonally intense periods or peak advertising times.

Certified and traceable
The quality of our products and services is regularly certified. Sustainability – ecological and social – traceable back to the place of growing. And we also ensure fair conditions in our warehouses and the logistics on the road – we believe that you can taste the passion in our products!

Our favourites

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