Avocado Hass

Dark skin in the outside, creamy in the inside!

Whether in sushi, guacamole, as a side salad or soup: the avocado is always very popular - the differences in quality of different avocado varieties are less known. With the variety Hass", named after its discoverer (around 1930), we have been relying for many years on a quality guarantor that consumers from all generations appreciate for its delicate consistency and nutty aroma. In addition, there are details that still need to be clarified: For example, the rough skin with its naturally dark, almost black colour protects the flesh particularly well against damages.

Our avocados are mainly grown in South and Central America. In 2020 we have extended our own cultivation by the plantation in the "Project Olmos" in the north of Peru. In Olmos, the special climate and an innovative irrigation system with the efficient use of water resources provide ideal conditions for the development of our avocados. The fruits grow on the tree and are harvested in different sizes at different times of the season and shipped to Rotterdam by container ship. Depending on the customer's wishes, the avocado is refined in our ripening chambers and then reaches the national and international food retailers in optimal condition.

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